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  1. Producing chlorella Ishigaki

Yaeyama Chlorella made on Ishigaki Island has been attracting attention

Because we always pursue the highest quality.

Our Chlorella is cultivated on Ishigaki Island under the shining sun, with clean water and air, and in the rich natural environment. It is our mission to create high-quality Chlorella with hidden, infinite value, which is “truly useful to the health and happiness of mankind,” and disseminate it to the world.

We would like to serve humanity through the Chlorella business. We believe that advances in the Chlorella business will lead to accomplishing man's unchanged theme “being healthy and happy.”

2011 Tohoku district-off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake.

Thank you for continued support to Yaeyama Chlorella. We are pleased to announce that we, at Yaeyama, all production facilities, staffs and families is fine and safe, receiving no radioactivity from the atomic plant. Please see under website for more accurate information going on and click "Okinawa".


In order to release all worries you and your customers may have about a contamination of radiation to our products, we are now conducting the radioactivity test in an independent lab for combined lots produced after the accident of atomic plants. We are expecting the test result come out on the beginning of coming April. So as soon as we get the test result, we will pass it to you without delay. From now on, we are going to conduct this radiation test periodically every month for a randomly picked lot sample until the atomic plants accident is being settled.

Thank you again for your continued support to Yaeyama Chlorella.

Ansei Shikiya / President