Until Chlorella becomes a product

Production Process

Sutoranto culture

Seed strain

The Yaeyama Chlorella strain was collected on Ishigaki Island and repeatedly separated and bred into a pure strain. The Yaeyama Chlorella strain is a high-quality, excellent seed strain selected carefully under strict inspections.

Jar fermenter equipment

Seedling cultivation

The high-quality Yaeyama Chlorella strain is aseptically cultivated in the large seed fermentation equipment, which has been completely sterilized. It will be a seed for outdoor cultivation.

45m diameter pool outdoor culture

Outdoor cultivation

Yaeyama Chlorella is cultivated through photosynthesis by using the blazing sun and good quality water in the favorable climate of Ishigaki Island by the outdoor open cultivation system. It contains well-balanced proteins, vitamins, and minerals, and grows rich in CGF and chlorophyll.

Continuous centrifuge chamber


Chlorella becomes separated from the culture solution by using more than ten continuous centrifuges manufactured by α-Laval Company. Through repeated washing and separation using plenty of clean water, clean Chlorella that does not contain other microorganisms is obtained. In addition, we use stainless steel for machinery and equipment, such as piping, and exercise thorough sanitary supervision. Yaeyama Chlorella that sticks to the outdoor cultivation system and high quality is made this way.

Spray dryer (inside)


We put emphasis on sanitation and built an indoor spray dryer unparalleled in the world. With our own blanching technology, highly digestive, colorful Yaeyama Chlorella powder is born. We pay very careful attention to the final step of Chlorella powder production and consider the quality, safety and stability of our reliable products. Each lot will be packed and degassed by a degassing and packing device developed in-house to prevent changes in quality. Changes in the color, scent, and taste can be prevented by this. You can see there is attention to quality.

Chemical laboratory

Quality inspection

Yaeyama Chlorella powder receives rigorous quality inspections for each production lot. The ones that passed the criteria of the Food Sanitation Law, the Japanese Health and Nutrition Food Association specification standards, and our more stringent provisions are commercialized.

In preparation

Production of fine powder

Finely powdered Chlorella is compatible with many foods and has been used for reinforcement of coloring agents and nutritional ingredients. The method of fine powderization developed on our own can minimize the changes caused by heat and perform sanitary fine powderization. Thus, it is possible to produce a fine powder without damaging the constituents of the original Yaeyama Chlorella. Finely powdered Yaeyama Chlorella is inimitably colorful and very popular. We patented the manufacturing method and apparatus for producing dried Chlorella fine powder in 1999. (Patent Number 2916909)