We were founded under the philosophy "To research, develop, and produce Chlorella as a new food resource and to penetrate it widely and deeply in our diet will truly lead to the health and happiness of mankind."
Many Japanese people have experienced the nutritional effectiveness of Chlorella, and its effects and usefulness to the human body since the 1960s until today. Many academic studies have also been published.
The name Chlorella has infiltrated Japan so widely that everyone knows it. Chlorella has been called the king of health food.
Our factory is blessed with the environment to produce high-quality Chlorella, such as over 40 years of research, advanced manufacturing technology, state-of-the-art production equipment, clean water rich in minerals, clear air, and abundant sunlight.
We stick to the natural outdoor cultivation system to produce our Chlorella, based on the principles that we are "the enterprise that contributes to the heal th of people around the world" through Chlorella and "the enterprise in harmony and symbiotic with the beautiful nature of which Okinawa is proud."
We obtained ISO 9001-HACCP certification in December 2004.
Our intention is to continue to provide the world with even more safe, sanitary, and high-quality Chlorella food than before.

President & CEO Ansei Shikiya

Company Profile

Trade nameYaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd.
Areas where current287-14 Shiraho, Ishigaki, Okinawa 907-0242 Japan

(Phone) +81-980-86-7154 (Fax) +81-980-86-7509
Plant overview Site area 99,000 m2
Plant building area ****m2
Production capacity 35 tons per month (dry matter)
Cultivation pool total area 27,000 m3
Representative Ansei Shikiya
EstablishedJuly 1975
Capital 9,000,000 yen
Main trading banks Bank of The Ryukyus, Ltd. (Yaeyama branch)
Okinawa Development Finance Corporation (Yaeyama branch)

History of Chlorella and Yaeyama Shokusan

2005 Ansei Shikiya became president
2004 We acquired the ISO 9001 and ISO 9001-HACCP certification.
2003 An enzyme-treated Chlorella was developed.
2002 We obtained a patent on the Chlorella cultivation system to enhance chlorophyll content. (Patent No. 3277372)
1999 We obtained a patent on the manufacturing method and equipment of dried Chlorella fine powder (Patent No. 2916909)
1995 The Chlorella indoor spray drying equipment (600 l/h) was completed.
1995 Midori-no-Sachi Chlorella Tablet and CHLORELLA CGF LIQUID YAEYAMA were recommended as superior products of Okinawa Prefecture
1994 The Chlorella Seedling Center was completed
1993 The ULTRA FINE POWDER CHLORELLA Production Center and the Algae Research and Development Center were completed
1989 Masayoshi Fujii became president
1985 The Midori-no-Sachi Chlorella tablet was released
1984 Additional 13 cultivation pools 30 m in diameter were built, and the plant was relocated.
1979 Chlorella cell membrane disruption by jet blast was successful. Broken cell membrane Chlorella was released
1978 The Chlorella cultivation plant was completed and running in Ishigaki, Okinawa
1975 Yaeyama Shokusan Co., Ltd., was established in Ishigaki, Okinawa (Koji Kaminaka, President)
1963 The first president, Koji Kaminaka, successfully adopted a spray dryer to dry Chlorella. We started the development and sales of Chlorella tablets for the first time in the world
1957 CGF (Chlorella extract), a substance unique to Chlorella, was discovered
1948 The mass culture of Chlorella was advocated by Dr. Spoehr, Carnegie Institution of Washington, U.S.A.
1890 Chlorella was discovered by Dr. Beijerinck of the Netherlands